2010年12月22日 星期三


. 2010年12月22日 星期三

get sb by the neck 捉住
get somewhere 有所成就
get sth off one's chest 把心中的話講出來
get sth straight 辦好;搞通;瞭解
get stuck 抛錨;進入僵局
get the bulge on 佔優勢;勝過;欺詐
get the drop on 先發制人
get the green light 得到...許可
get the picture 明白某種情形
get the sack 被解雇
get through 到達;辦完;通過;花光
get through to 使理解;打通電話
get together again 破鏡重圓
get up the courage 鼓起勇氣
get what's coming to one 咎由自取
get wise to 瞭解;明白
get with it 快點!
girl of the old school 守舊的女性
give a lift 讓...搭車
give away 泄露;贈送
give credit for sb 歸功於某人

give him the dose of his own medicine 以其人之道還治其人之身
give it a try 償一償吧
give it to one straight 坦白地告訴某人
give me a minute 請等一等
give me headache 令我頭痛
give one the air 一刀兩斷
give one the ax 開除
give one the brush 對人冷淡;把人抛棄
give one the eye 眉目傳情
give other one's word 向人保證
give sb a black eye 打某人一頓
give sb a break 給某人一個改過的機會
give sb a buzz 打電話給某人
give sb a dirty look 對某人瞪一眼
give sb a free hand 放手讓某人幹一件事
give sb a lift 讓某人搭車
give sb a piece of one's mind 罵某人一頓
give sb a ride 讓某人搭車
give sb a ring 打電話給...
give sb enough rope 讓某人自食其果
give sb hell 冷嘲熱諷
give sb some of his own medicine 以其人之道還治其人之身
give sb the cold shoulder 冷淡對待
give sb the go-by 對某人的存在熟視無睹
give sb the green light 允許
give sth away for nothing 不是白送的
give up 放棄
glad eye 抛媚眼
go a long way 有用
go about 從事
go ahead 說吧
go all out doing sth 竭盡全力
go around with a chip on one's shoulder 到處尋釁
go at it 努力奮鬥
go broke 破産
go down 下降;被記錄下來
go down the drain 前功盡棄;白費心機
go downhill 每況愈下
go Dutch 各自付帳
go easy 節省一點;少用一些
go fly a kite 滾開
go for 努力求得;想要
go get them 動手吧
go into 深入討論
go on 繼續;接近
go on a bender 喝酒喧嘩
go on the horse 快一點吧
go over 研究;檢查
go steady 確定戀愛關係
go through 細查;經歷
go through with 完成
go to pieces 破成碎片
go up in the air 怒火沖天
go with everything 與任何東西都相配
go-between 中間人;嫁人
God knows. 天曉得.
God, what's the world comming to? 天哪,這世界變成什麽樣子?
gold brick 偷懶的人
gold digger 掘金女郎
gone with the wind 隨風而逝
good buy 價廉物美的東西
good for nothing 毫無用處的
good to the last drop 滴滴香濃
good turn 好意
goof off 逃學;不盡職
got it? 明白了嗎?
Got you. 照片拍好了.
Great minds think alike! 英雄所見略同.
hand in 交出;提出
hand out 分發;分配
hands are full 很忙
hands are tied 權利有限,不能隨意行動
hang around 常常光顧一個地方
Hang it all! 豈有此理
hang on to it 繼續下去
hang on to sth 繼續使用某物
hang up 挂斷電話
happy go lucky 樂天派
hard nut to crack 難以對付的女人
hard of hearing 稍聾的人
hard on sb, be 對某人嚴厲
hard to say 很難說
Hard to tell. 很難說.
hard up 拮据
hard-boiled egg 難相處的人;利害的傢夥
hard-hearted businessman 斤斤計較的人
have a ball 玩得非常開心
have a big mouth 話多的人
have a bite 咬一口
have a bone to pick with sb 算帳
have a good ear(eye) for 對...有鑒賞力
Have a good time. 好好玩.
Have a good time. 好好玩吧.
have a head on one's shoulders 有智慧
have a heart 可憐我吧
Have a nice trip. 一路順風
have a screw loose 精神有問題
Have a seat. 請坐.
have a surprise for sb 告訴某人一個好消息
have a swelled head 自大
Have fun. 玩得開心.
have good taste 有眼光
have had it 無法忍受
have it both ways 權衡兩方面
have it out with 攤牌
have no leg to stand on 無法證明
have one's hair set 做頭髮
have one's own way 隨心所欲
have some 吃一點吧
have sth on sb 抓住某人的把柄
have the face to do sth 居然有臉做某事
have time off 休假
have words with sb 口角
Have you had enough? 你吃飽了嗎?
have(keep) the run of 自由使用
haven't the slightest idea 毫不知道
having a sale 廉售
He cleaned us out. 他拿走了我們的所有東西.
head and shoulder above sb, be 比某人好
head over heels 完全
heavy date 重要的約會.
help out 幫助解決問題
help yourself 請自便
her cup of tea 很配她,很合她的口味
Here it is. 這就是,在這裏
His bark is worse than his bite. 刀子嘴,豆腐心
his lettle broad 他的女朋友
hit it hard 盡了最大努力
hit it off 相處
hit of the show 表演中最精采的一幕
hit on(upon) 突然想到;巧遇
hit the ball 順利
hit the ceiling(roof) 勃然大怒
hit the high spots 達到高水準
hit the sack 睡覺
hold back 退縮
hold good 有效
hold in the balance 尚未決定
hold it 且慢
hold one's horses 忍耐
hold one's tongue 保持沈默
hold out 堅持到底
hold the line 請勿收線
hold up 舉起;支撐;阻擋
hold water 經得起考驗的;合乎邏輯的
hook up 接洽妥當
Hop in. 上車.
Hope it doesn't cost much. 希望價格不貴.
hors d'oeuvres 飯前點心
hot air 毫無根據的謊言;大話
How am I doing? 你看我做的怎麽樣?
How are you making out? 進展怎樣?
how come 爲什麽
How come? 爲什麽
How did it come out? 結果如何?
How did it go? 結果如何?
How did you make out? 你進展如何?
How did you swing it? 你怎麽對付這件事?
How do I look? 我好看嗎?
How does that sound? 如何?好嗎?
How goes the enemy? 幾點了?
How is that with you? 意下如何?
how on earth 鬼知道;怎麽會
how the heck 怎麽會
How's that? 怎麽樣?
hung one on 大醉
I bet you are right. 我同意你的說法.
I can never thank you enough. 我不知道該怎樣多謝你.
I can't afford to lose... 我丟不起...
I can't believe my eye. 我簡直不敢相信你的眼睛.
I don't buy your story. 我不相信你的話.
I don't care. 我不在乎.
I don't have a slightest idea. 我一點也不知道.
I don't want to be in your shoes. 我不要象你那樣.
I feel the call of nature 內急;急於上廁所
I get them mixed up. 我把它們搞亂了.
I give you my word. 我向你保證.
I have no idea. 我簡直一無所知.
I haven't got the foggiest. 我一點也摸不著頭腦.
I know what I'm doing. 我知道該怎樣做.
I like the way you have. 照你原來的樣子就好了.
I lost you. 我不瞭解你的意思.
I love her something fierce. 我愛她愛得要命.
I may be psychic. 可能是第六感作用.
I mean what I say. 我說的是實話.
I must be in love. 我一定是在談戀愛了.
I was behind my paper correcting. 把改卷子的事耽誤了.
I was fooled by the terms. 我被這些名詞搞糊塗了.
I was starved to death. 我餓死了.
I won't take no for an answer. 你非答應不可.
I would appreciate it. 我非常感謝.
I'd enjoy the company. 我很高興有個伴.
I'll be right over. 我馬上就來.
I'll be right with you. 我馬上就來.
I'll bet... 我敢打賭
I'll give it to you strait. 我坦白對你說吧.
I'll go a couple of rounds with you. 我和你過幾招.
I'll have him call you. 我會叫他打電話給你.
I'll heed your words. 我會考慮你的話.
I'll say. 英雄所見略同
I'll see to it. 我會留意這件事的.
I'll see you home. 我送你回家吧.
I'll take a chance. 我要試試看.
I'll take a raincheck on that. 遲些再談吧.
I'll tell you what. 我有一個主意.


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