2010年12月24日 星期五


. 2010年12月24日 星期五

P.A. (paper ass) 沒頭腦的人
packed like sardines 擁擠得象沙丁魚罐頭一樣
packed snow 路上被踩過的雪
paddle one's own canoe 獨自闖出自己的前途
pain in the neck 極討厭的人或物
paint the town red 瘋狂地慶祝
particular about food 對食物很講究
pass away 過世
pass out 昏倒;分發
pass over 忽略
past master 技藝精湛的人
pay down (分期付款)付頭款
pay one's own way 各自付費
pay the price 付出代價;得到報應
Penny for your thoughts. 告訴我你想什麽
perhaps some other day 改天吧.
Perish the thought! 打消這念頭!
person after my own heart 他人的作爲符合我的心意
pick holes 挑毛病
pick sb out 看中某人
pick up 一點點學習
pick-me-up 喝酒、湯等刺激一下神經
pipe course 容易的課程或工作
pipe down 安靜些
plain home cooking 家常便飯
plain sailing 一帆風順;輕而易舉之事
play ball with 與...合作
play it straight 誠實

play truant 逃學
plenty of fish in the sea 比喻多得很
plug along 爲生活而拼命工作
poorly off 窮困潦倒
pot calling the kettle black 五十步笑百步
pour oil on troubled waters 平息事態
prices are soaring 物價飛漲
pull a long face 拉長臉不悅
pull a long oar 獨自去作
pull no punches 不客氣,動真格的
pull off 成功;完成
pull one's leg 開某人的玩笑
pull oneself together 恢復鎮定
pull through 克服困難;恢復健康
push one's luck 在已有利情況下做多餘冒險
put an end to 結束
put aside 儲蓄
put heads together 一起商討問題
put heat on 對某人要求嚴厲
put it on the cuff 賒帳
put it this way 這樣說;這樣做
put off 延期
put on a show 假裝給人家看
put on weight 胖了
put one out of the way 殺某人
put one's foot down 堅決反對
put one's foot in it 說錯話
put one's foot in one's mouth 說錯話
put one's heart and soul in sth 全心全意做某事
put sb in charge of 讓某人負責某事
put sb in the ring 和某人賽一場
put that in one's pipe and smoke it 威脅別人好好想清楚
put through 接通電話;做妥一件工作
put up 舉起;住宿
put up a good show 好好表現自己
put up with 忍受
put your best foot forward 儘量使你的儀容整潔
quality work 細活兒
queer(strange) fish 怪人
quit smocking 戒煙
quite all right 沒關係
rain or shine 不論晴雨
rainy day 貧苦困難的日子
raise hell 破口大駡
raise the roof 變得異常憤怒
really something 了不起
red tape 官樣文章
red tape 繁文縟節
reflect on 回憶
regular guy 好人,靠得住的人
released from, be 被釋放;解脫
remember sb to another 代某人問候別人
right down one's alley 正好是某人所精通的
right or wrong 無論如何
right-hand man 得力的助手
ring a bell with sb 使某人回憶起某事
road hog 駕車亂搶路的人
rock the boat 破壞別人的計劃;使遇到危險
roll out the red carpet 鋪上紅色地毯
rotten to the core 腐爛透頂
rough hours 讀書時的艱苦生活
rough sb up 對某人粗鹵
round-about way 採用間接的方法
row in one boat 從事相同事業;相同命運
royal road 容易取得成功的捷徑
rubber check 空頭支票
rubber stamp 人云亦云的人
run across 偶然碰見
run down 撞倒;詆毀;破舊的
run into 突然碰到某人
run of the town 轟動一時的人
run out of sth 用完
run sb out of the town 把某人逐出市外
run up against 遇到
run wild 到處跑
sad dog 放蕩的人;易闖禍的人
sad news 餐廳的帳單
sail under false colors 挂羊頭賣狗肉;冒充
salt of the earth(world) 社會中堅
same old stuff 陳舊貨色
save lots of grief 省掉許多麻煩
save one's breath 節省口舌
save the day 反敗爲勝;挽救了大局
save up 儲蓄
say it with flowers 笑容可掬,細生細氣
Say no more. 別再說了.
Says you! 你是胡扯!
scare the devil out of sb 嚇得魂不附體
scratch sb a note 寫封信給某人
screw-ball 有怪僻的人
Search me. 我不知道.
second sight 超人的預見力
secret sorrow 難言之隱
see after 照顧
see eye to eye 我們意見相同.
see it through 使某事順利通過
see my point 瞭解;明白
see off 送行
see to it 留心、細緻地辦好某事
See you around. 再見.
sell like hot cakes 銷售得很快
sell sb down the river 出賣某人
send in 提出;交出
serve sb right 活該
service station 加油站
set about 考慮;留意
set back 拖延
set forth 說明
set my heart on 對...傾心
set the world on fire 震驚天下
settle down 安定
seventh heaven 極樂世界
shake a leg 跳舞;趕快
shake and make up 言歸於好
Shame on you! 你真丟臉!
She's a smart dresser. 她是一個注重服飾的人.
She's been two-timing me. 她背著我和其他男人約會.
She's got it! 她迷倒了許多人.
She's not the only fish in the sea. 她並不是世界上唯一的女人.
shed of 領先
shedding crocodile tears 貓哭老鼠
shit of luck 倒楣
shoe is on the other foot 今日不同往昔
show off 炫耀
show sb the ropes 傳授秘訣
show sb the(back) door 下逐客令
show up 露面;出現;突出
sick of, be 討厭
side money 外快
side-kick 莫逆之交
sign up for 報名參加
sink in the scale 降低
sitting pretty 過著舒服的生活
sixes and sevens 亂七八糟
sixth sense 第六感
size up 打量
sleep in this morning 睡個懶覺
slip one's memory 一時忘記
slow-poke 行動遲緩的人
slowly but surely 穩紮穩打
small potato 小人物
smoke like a chimney 煙鬼
smoke O.P.B 吸別人的煙
snake in the grass 隱藏的危險
snap out of it 突然改變情緒;振作起來
Snowed. (學生)被一個問題弄糊塗.
so that's it 原來如此
So what? 那又怎麽樣?
soft-soap 諂媚
somehow or other 莫名其妙地
sore spot 傷心事,舊瘡疤
Sorry to have kept you waiting. 抱歉,讓您久等了.
sounds just like 看樣子就象
speak of the devil 說曹操曹操到
speak the same language 志同道合
spell out sth 講清楚
spill the beans 露馬腳
spoil the show 演雜了
sports bums 吃閒飯的球員
square deal 公平交易
stab-in-the-back business 暗箭傷人
stand a change 有機會嬴
stand on one's own feet 獨立自主
stand one up 失約而使人白等
stand one's ground 一步也不退讓
stand sb up 讓某人空等一場
stand up for sth 支援;擁護
standing ovation 站起來熱烈鼓掌
stay away from 滾開
stay out O.P.B (other people's business) 不要管別人的閒事
stay up late 熬夜
steamed up 怒火中燒
step on one's toes 觸怒某人
step out 出外約會;暫時離開工作
sth must be done 非馬上採取點行動
sth tells me 我好象感覺
stick around 在附近等著
stick your nose into 讓你忙著
stick-up 搶劫
stomach's growling 肚子咕嚕咕嚕地響
stop by 過來一會
stop pulling my leg 不要開玩笑了
storm in a teacup 大驚小怪
straight from the horse's mouth 據可靠消息
strike out 刪去;想出
string sb along 常常戲弄某人
stuffed shirt 自命不凡的討厭鬼
sugar daddy 老色狼
sugar report 情書
suit one's taste 合某人的胃口
Sunday dress 最好的衣服
swelled head 驕傲自大
switch off 關掉
swith majors 轉系
take a back seat 處於默默無聞的地位
take a break 休息一下
take a good look at 仔細看
take a hand in 插手某事
take a look 瞧一瞧
take a rain check 改天吧.
take advantage of 欺負;佔便宜
take care of sb later 遲些對付你
take down 記下
take for 誤認爲
take for granted 想當然
take French leave 不辭而別
take in a movie 看一場電影
take it easy 放鬆;別緊張
Take it easy. 不要緊張
Take it or leave it. 別討價還價
take it out to sb 拿別人出氣
take no for an answer 不許回答“不”字
take notes in outline form 記大綱式的筆記
take offense 生氣
take one's hat off to 表示尊敬佩服
take one's time doing sth 從容不迫;不慌不忙做某事
take orders from 聽命於
take sb for a ride 綁架某人
take sth for granted 視爲當然
take sth up 重提某事
take sth upon oneself 承擔一切責任
take the lead in sth 在某方面領先
take the load off one's feet 坐下休息
take the words out of one's mouth 說出心裏話
take things as they come 既來之則安之
take to 養成喜好;專心於
take to one's heels 溜之大吉
take up 開始;繼續;吸收
Take your time. 慢慢來.
take your word for it 相信你的話
talk big 講大話
talk of the town 非常流行的東西
talk one into 說服
talk one's head off 說得天花亂墜
talk sb into sth 說服某人做某事
talk sb out of sth 說服某人不要做某事
talk sense 講得合情合理
talk through one's hat 說話瞎扯不負責任
talk through one's neck 說話瞎扯不負責任
talk through one's nose 驕傲自大
tall story 難以置信的故事
teach sb a lesson 教訓某人
team up with sb 和某人分爲一組
tear down 拆毀
ten bucks 十美元
That dame! 那個女人!
That depends. 那要看情況.
That has a familiar ring. 那話聽起來很熟悉.
that I can't say 這個我不敢肯定
That is so! 是這樣嗎?
That makes two of us. 英雄所見略同
that settles that 已經安排了,那就算了
That should be fun. 那一定會好玩.
That sounds better. 這樣說才是.
That what you say. 這是你說的.(表懷疑)
That won't answer. 這解決不了問題
That's a good one. 無稽之談
That's a promise I'll hold you to. 是你許下的諾言,我會叫你兌現
That's a trade secret. 這是生意人的秘密.
That's great. 好極了
That's it. 就這樣
That's more like it. 這才像話.
That's more than I can say. 一言難盡
That's my... you're making cracks about. 那是我...,請別拿他開玩笑.
That's nothing. 不要緊;小意思
That's right down my alley. 那是我最拿手的.
That's runs my electric bill up. 使電費增加.
That's something. 真是了不起.
That's the boy. 好小子(讚美).
That's the spirit. 真有道理.
That's the way it is. 事情就是這樣的.
That's the way it with us. 我們就是這樣.
That's the whole damned trouble. 這就是所有的麻煩.
That's what I came for. 我就是爲這個來的.
That's what I'm here for. 這是我應該做的.
That's what you think. 只有你自己這麽想吧.
That's your funeral. 此乃閣下之事.
thaw out 融化
the big time 了不起的事;夢想
the crack of down 破曉
the dead of winter 嚴冬
the devil in her eye 她眼神具有魅力
The die is cast. 一切已成定局.
the God's truth 說真的
the hustle and bustle 喧囂氣氛
the line is busy 通話中;占線
The price isn't bad. 不貴.
The whole world knows it. 全世界都知道.
There goes your phone. 你有電話.
There is nothing to it. 太容易了
There you are. 這是你要的.
There you go again. 你又來這一套了.
There's nothing I can do. 愛莫能助
There's nothing wrong with me. 我精神很好.
They will be very put out. 他們會很生氣.
They're a drag. 那多討厭,煩死了.
Think nothing of it. 不要放在心上.
This is a small something for you. 小小禮物,不成敬意
This is serious. 我是當真的.
This will be my treat. 這頓飯我請客.
thorn in one's side. 眼中釘肉中刺
thousand and one way 許多辦法
three sheets in the wind 酒醉
threw a party 舉行一個宴會
thrilled with, be 深受感動;非常高興
throw cold water on 潑冷水
throw the bull 胡言亂語
tie the knot 結婚
till the cows come home 很久
Times have changed. 時代不同了.
to a T 恰好地
to and fro 到處
to doctor it up with 用...作料拌起來
to one's face 當面
to the best of my knowledge 據我所知
Today just isn't my day. 今天運氣不佳.
Tom, Dick and Harry 一般的人;普通的人
too much for sb 使某人承受不了
trade in 以舊換新
treat sb 請客,招待某人
turn a blind eye 故意視而不見
turn a girl's head 把她說得太好;使她以爲了不起
turn against sb 與某人做對
turn down 放低(音量);否決(提案)
turn in 交還;交出;就寢
turn one's back on sb 拒絕幫助別人
turn one's back to sb 不理睬某人
turn sb loose 放鬆;放任
turn tail 逃跑
turn the tables 扭轉局勢
turn turtle (烏龜、汽車)四腳朝天
twist another around one's little finger 玩弄於股掌之上
Two heads are better than one. 一人計短,二人計長
under the sun 世界上任何地方
under the table 台底交易
under the weather 身體不適
under warranty, be 在保修期內
under way (under weight) 事情在進展之中
up and about 身體復員,可下地走動
up to 輪到某人
up to one's ears, be 沈迷;熱中
up to one's neck, be 太忙於做某事
up to sth, be 對某事稱職
use one's name as a reference 讓某人推薦
very light in weight 很輕
very much appreciated, be 很感激
visit John 上廁所
wage a war on sth 對某事發動一場戰爭
walk sb home 陪某人回家
walkie-talkie 手提對講機;搬弄是非的人
walking dictionary 知識淵博的人
Walls have ears. 隔牆有耳
wash one's dirty linen in public 公開談論陰私.
wash out 精疲力竭,臉色蒼白
watch one's step. 謹慎從事
watch the budget 小心預算
watch with hard eye 用注視的目光看人
Watch your step. 小心走路.
We just make it. 我們剛好趕上.
We rap well together. 我們很合得來.
We'll in for the night by then. 到晚上那時,我們一定已經回去了.
We'll see later. 以後再說.
We're not pressed for time. 我們並不趕時間.
wear sth inside out 把衣服穿反了
wee hours 淩晨
welcome to the party! 現在你總算懂了!
well in advancce 老早
Well, I never! 真想不到
What a mess! 好亂啊!
What a pleasant surprise! 真想不到的好事
What a thing to say! 這是什麽話!
What are we waiting for? 我們還在等什麽?
What are you getting at? 你的意思如何?
What are you going to sell? 你這是什麽意思?
What are you smoking? 你這是什麽意思?
What are you up to do? 你的意思如何?
What can you do about it? 你有何辦法?看你怎樣?
What do you figure? 你的意思如何?
What do you give? 你有何高見?
What do you say? 你的意思如何?
What held you up? 你爲什麽遲到?
What to call it? 這叫什麽?
What were you up to? 你幹什麽去了?
What's come over you? 你怎麽啦?
What's cooking? 發生了什麽事?
What's going on? 發生了什麽事?
What's it to you? 這和你有什麽關係?
What's on the schedule? 有什麽計劃?
What's on your mind? 有什麽事嗎?
What's the big idea? 你這是什麽意思?
What's the catch? 你這是什麽意思?
What's the good word? 你有什麽好消息?
what's the matter 到底怎麽樣
What's under your cat? 你這是什麽意思?
What's up? 發生了什麽事?
what's up? 什麽事?
What's your pleasure, Treasure? 你喜好什麽吃的,富翁(婆)?
What's your pleasure? 你喜歡什麽?
whatever made you... 你爲什麽...?
whatever you say. 隨你的便.
when in Rome do as the Romans do 入鄉隨俗
when the doors open 一開場就進入;太準時
When there is life, there is hope. 活著,就有希望.
When's the big day? 哪天辦喜事?
Where are you heading? 你上哪去?
white lie 善意的謊言
Who are all the characters? 那些人是誰?
who said so 誰說的?
Who's calling, please? 請問您是哪位?
Who's the lucky guy? 誰是新郎?
Why not tell it to the Horse Marines? 你以爲有人會相信你這一套嗎?
wind up 結束,結果
window shoping 只看不買地逛商場
wise up 知道
with a long face 拉長臉
with flying colors 成功地
with open arms 熱烈歡迎
within an ace of 幾乎;差一點
without fail 一定
woman of the world 精通事故的女人
won't be long 不會太久的
Wonders never cease! 奇怪的事永遠不斷發生!
words fail me 說不出話來
work a tight schedule 時間很緊迫
work away 連續工作
work like a Trojan 工作勤奮
work out 計劃;想出
Would there be room enough for me? 有沒有空位讓我坐?
Would you like to order now? 現在要點菜了嗎?
Wouldn't she be nice to come home to? 和她生活在一起,不是很好嗎?
wouldn't work for me 不適合我
yes-man 唯唯諾諾的人
You are a dead duck. 你完了.
You are a thoughtful person. 你真周到
You are all wet. 你完全錯了.
You are just being polite. 你真會說話.
You are killing me. 真是笑死我了.
You are your father's son. 你長得很象你父親.
You ask for it. 你自找苦吃.
you bet 的確
You bet! 當然啦
You can say it again. 我同意你的說法.
You can set your watch by him. 他總是很準時.
You can't beat it. 無人匹敵的
You can't keep a good man down. 好人自有出頭之日.
You don't know half of it. 你知道什麽!
You don't say so. 是真的嗎?
You get me there. 你把我難住了.
You get no say. 你無權說話.
You got me there. 你難住我了,這個我不清楚
You got the picture. 你瞭解了.
You have a point there. 你的見解很對.
you have outstanding 款還沒付清
You know something? 讓我告訴你一件事.
You leave me in the cold. 你太令我掃興了.
You let me down. 你太讓我失望了.
You look upset. 你好象情緒不好.
You look wonderful. 你氣色很好.
You mean to say... 你的意思是說...
You said a mouthful. 你說得夠多的了.
You said it. 我同意你的說法.
You see what I mean? 你明白我的意思了嗎?
You should be smart enough. 你應該聰明一點.
You stay out of this. 不要插手這件事.


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