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. 2011年12月2日 星期五

表達意見 ~ (on/upon sth)
I don't feel I can comment on their decision. 我覺得我無法對他們的決定作出評論。
He refused to comment until after the trial. 他拒絕在審判前作任何評論。
A spokesperson commented that levels of carbon dioxide were very high. 發言人稱二氧化碳的含量很高。
‘Not his best performance,’ she commented to the woman sitting next to her. “這不是他的最佳表演。”她對坐在她旁邊的女士議論道。

Nobody mentioned anything to me about it. 沒人跟我提過這事兒。
Sorry, I won't mention it again. 對不起,我再也不提它了。
Now that you mention it, she did seem to be in a strange mood. 既然你說到這事兒,她確實好像情緒不大對。
His name has been mentioned as a future MP. 有人提到他,認為他將來可以當下院議員。
Did she mention where she was going? 她有沒有說起她要去哪兒?
You mentioned in your letter that you might be moving abroad. 你在信中談到你可能要移居國外。
He failed to mention that he was the one who started the fight. 他沒提到是他先動手打人的。

This award is considered (to be) a great honor. 這項獎被視為極大的榮譽。
He considers himself an expert on the subject. 他認為自己是這門學科的專家。
These workers are considered (as) a high-risk group. 這些工人被視為屬高風險人群。
Who do you consider (to be) responsible for the accident? 你認為誰對這個事故負有責任?
Consider yourself lucky you weren't fired. 你沒被解雇,算是萬幸。
She considers that it is too early to form a definite conclusion. 她認為現在下確切的結論還為時過早。
He's generally considered to have the finest tenor voice in the country. 普遍認為他是全國最佳男高音歌手。

He claims (that) he was not given a fair hearing. 他聲稱他未得到公正的申述機會。 V (that)
I don't claim to be an expert. 我不敢自稱為專家。 V to inf.
Scientists are claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. 科學家們宣稱攻克癌症已有重大的突破。 VN
It was claimed that some doctors were working 80 hours a week. 據說有些醫生每週工作 80 小時

The government proposed changes to the voting system. 政府建議修改表決制度。 VN
What would you propose? 你想提什麼建議?
She proposed that the book be banned. 她提議查禁這本書。 V that
She proposed that the book should be banned. 她建議查禁這本書。 British English
It was proposed that the president be elected for a period of two years. 有人提議選出的主席任期為兩年。 VN that
He proposed changing the name of the company. 他建議更改公司的名稱。 V -ing
It was proposed to pay the money from public funds. 有人提議用公款支付這筆錢
What do you propose to do now? 現在你打算做什麼? V to inf.
How do you propose getting home? 你打算怎麼回家? V -ing

They postulated a 500-year lifespan for a plastic container. 他們設定塑料容器的壽命為 500 年
The school building program postulates an increase in educational investment.
He postulated that a cure for the disease will have been found by the year 2020.

She said nothing to me about it. 她沒有跟我說過這件事
It is said that she lived to be over 100. 據說她活了 100 多歲。 VN that
She finds it hard to say what she feels. 她覺得心裏的感受難以言述。

◎make it clear 明白表示
Many studies make it clear that sleep deprivation is dangerous.
Before I begin, let's make it clear that it's only a casual talk.

◎describe 描述
Can you describe him to me? 你能向我描述一下他的樣子嗎? VN
The man was described as tall and dark, and aged about 20. 據描述這男人高個子,深色皮膚,年齡在 20 歲左右。
Jim was described by his colleagues as ‘unusual’. 吉姆被同事們稱為“不尋常”的人。
Describe how you did it. 談談你是怎樣做這事的。 V wh-
Several people described seeing strange lights in the sky. 好幾個人都說看到天上出現了奇異光芒。 V -ing

◎        note注意;留意
Note the fine early Baroque altar inside the chapel. 注意小教堂裏精緻的早期巴羅克風格的祭壇。 VN
Please note (that) the office will be closed on Monday. 請注意辦事處星期一將關閉。 V (that)
Note how these animals sometimes walk with their tails up in the air. 注意觀察這些動物如何有時翹起尾巴走路。 V wh-
It should be noted that dissertations submitted late will not be accepted. 應該注意的是遲交的論文將不予接受。

◎        think認為
Do you think (that) they'll come? 你認為他們會來嗎? V (that)
I thought I heard a scream. 我好像聽到了一聲尖叫。
I didn't think you liked sports. 我原以為你不喜好運動。
Am I right in thinking that you used to live here? 我想你過去在這裏住過,對嗎?
I think this is their house, but I'm not sure. 我想這是他們家,但不敢肯定。
He ought to resign, I think. 我看他應該辭職。
We'll need about 20 chairs, I should think. 我看我們需要大約 20 把椅子。
It was once thought that the sun traveled around the earth. 人們曾經認為太陽繞着地球轉。 VN (that)
What did you think about the idea? 你原先認為這個想法怎麼樣? VN
Well, I like it. What do you think? 嗯,我喜歡這個想法。你認為怎麼樣?
‘Will we make it in time?’ ‘I think so.’ “我們會及時完成嗎?”“我想會的。” V
‘Is he any good?’ ‘I don't think so.’ “他怎麼樣?”“我認為一般。”
I think it highly unlikely that I'll get the job. 我認為我得到這份工作的可能性極小。 VN-ADJ
She thought him kind and generous. 她認為他寬厚仁慈。
He's thought to be one of the richest men in Europe. 他被認為是歐洲最富有的人之一。

◎        assume假定;假設;認為
It is reasonable to assume (that)the economy will continue to improve. 認為經濟將繼續好轉是有道理的。 V (that)
Let us assume for a moment that the plan succeeds. 咱們暫時假設計劃成功。
I hope to go to college next year, always assuming (that)I pass my exams. 我希望明年上大學,總是假定我能通過考試。
She would, he assumed, be home at the usual time. 他認為,她會在通常時間回到家的。
It is generally assumed that stress is caused by too much work. 普遍認為,緊張係工作過重所致。 VN that
Don't always assume the worst(= that something bad has happened). 別總往最壞處想。 VN
In this example we have assumed a unit price of $10. 在這個例子中我們已假定單價為 10 元。
I had assumed him to be a Belgian. 我本以為他是比利時人

◎        presume假設;假定
They are very expensive, I presume? 我想這些東西很貴吧? V
‘Is he still abroad?’ ‘I presume so.’ “他還在國外嗎?”“我想是吧。”
I presumed (that) he understood the rules. 我相信他已經明白這些規則。 V (that)
Little is known of the youngest son;it is presumed that he died young. 對於最小的兒子一般所知甚少,據推測他已經夭亡。 VN that
I presumed him to be her husband. 我料想那就是她丈夫。

◎        warn警告;告誡
I tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen. 我設法提醒過他,可他就是不聽。 VN
If you're thinking of getting a dog, be warned─they take a lot of time and money. 如果你想養條狗,有話說在前頭,那可既費時間又費錢。
He warned us against pickpockets. 他提醒我們要提防小偷。
She was warned that if she did it again she would lose her job. 她被警告說如果她再這樣做就會丟掉工作。 VN that
I had been warned what to expect. 有人事先告訴過我要出什麼事。 VN wh-
Police have warned of possible delays. 警方已經通知交通可能受阻
The guidebook warns against walking alone at night. 這本指南告誡夜間不要單獨行走。 V
He warned Billy to keep away from his daughter. 他警告比利離他女兒遠點。



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