2011年12月4日 星期日


. 2011年12月4日 星期日

◎        relate
She relates her childhood experiences in the first chapters. 在開始的幾章中,她描述了自己童年的經歷。 VN
He related the facts of the case to journalists. 他給記者們講述了這件事的實際情況。
She related how he had run away from home as a boy. 她追述了他小的時候是如何離家出走
I found it difficult to relate the two ideas in my mind. 我覺得很難把這兩種想法聯繫在一起。
In the future, pay increases will be related to productivity. 以後,工資的增加將和業績掛鈎。
Many adults can't relate to children. 許多成年人並不瞭解兒童的想法。
Our product needs an image that people can relate to. 我們的產品需要一個大家能理解的形象
The second paragraph relates to the situation in Scotland. 第二段談到蘇格蘭的形勢。

◎        repeat
I'm sorry─could you repeat that? 對不起 你可以再說一遍嗎?
She kept repeating his name softly over and over again. 她輕輕地一遍又一遍地重複着他的名字。
The opposition have been repeating their calls for the president's resignation. 反對派一再要求總統辭職。
Do say if I'm repeating myself(= if I have already said this). 如果我在重複自己說過的話,請直言。
He's fond of repeating that the company's success is all down to him. 他老愛說公司的成功全都歸功於他

◎        acknowledge
She refuses to acknowledge the need for reform. 她拒不承認改革的必要性。 VN
a generally acknowledged fact 公認的事實
I did not acknowledge that he had done anything wrong. 我沒有承認他犯了什麼錯。 V that
It is generally acknowledged to be true. 普遍認為那是真的。 VN to inf.
The country acknowledged his claim to the throne. 這個國家承認了他繼承王位的權利。 VN
He is widely acknowledged as the best player in the world. 普遍認為他是世界最佳球員。 VN to inf. VN
He is widely acknowledged to be the best player in the world. 普遍認為他是世界最佳球員。

◎        admit
She admits to being strict with her children. 她承認對自己的孩子很嚴厲。 V
Don't be afraid to admit to your mistakes. 不要怕認錯。
It was a stupid thing to do, I admit. 我承認,那次幹的是件蠢事。
He admitted all his mistakes. 他承認了全部錯誤。 VN
She stubbornly refuses to admit the truth. 她頑固地拒不承認事實。
Why don't you just admit defeat (= recognize that you cannot do something)and let someone else try ? 你幹嗎不乾脆承認自己不行,讓別人來試試?
Admit it! You were terrified! 承認了吧!你嚇壞了!
They freely admit (that) they still have a lot to learn. 他們坦率承認,他們要學的東西還很多。 V (that)
I couldn't admit to my parents that I was finding the course difficult. 我無法向父母實話實說,我覺得這門課程很難。
You must admit that it all sounds very strange. 你必須承認這一切聽起來很古怪。
It was generally admitted that the government had acted too quickly. 普遍認為,政府行動過急。 VN that
She admitted to having stolen the car. 她供認偷了那輛轎車。 V
He refused to admit to the other charges. 他拒不承認其他指控。
She admitted theft. 她招認了偷竊行為。 VN
He refused to admit his guilt. 他拒不認罪。
She admitted having driven the car without insurance. 她供認駕駛了這輛沒有保險的轎車。

The society admits all US citizens over 21. 凡 21 歲以上的美國公民均可加入該社團。
Women were only admitted into the club last year. 這家俱樂部去年才接納女會員。
If someone is admitted to an organization or group, they are allowed to join it.

Two crash victims were admitted to the local hospital. 兩位車禍受害者已送進當地醫院。
If someone is admitted to hospital, they are taken into hospital for treatment and kept there until they are well enough to go home.

◎        advise
I would strongly advise against going out on your own. 我要極力奉勸你別單獨外出。 V
Her mother was away and couldn't advise her. 她的母親不在身邊,無法向她提出勸告。 VN
I'd advise extreme caution. 我建議要慎之又慎。
Police are advising fans without tickets to stay away. 警察正在告誡沒有票的球迷離去。
I'd advise you not to tell him. 我勸你別告訴他。
They advise that a passport be carried with you at all times. 他們建議護照要隨時帶在身邊。 t
It is strongly advised that you take out some form of medical insurance. 竭誠勸你辦理某種醫療保險。 VN that
I'd advise buying your tickets well in advance if you want to travel in August. 要是想在八月份去旅行,我建議及早購票。

Please advise us of any changes in your personal details. 你的個人資料如有變化,敬請告知。 VN
I will contact you later to advise you when to come. 稍後我會與你聯繫,通知你何時前來。 VN wh-
I regret to advise you that the course is now full. 本課程已滿額,特此通知。

◎        allege
The prosecution alleges (that) she was driving carelessly. 控方指控她駕駛不小心。 V (that)
It is alleged that he mistreated the prisoners. 據稱他虐待犯人。 VN that
He is alleged to have mistreated the prisoners. 他被指控虐待犯人。 VN to inf.
This procedure should be followed in cases where dishonesty has been alleged. 指控欺詐的案件應遵循本訴訟程序。

◎        announce
The government yesterday announced to the media plans to create a million new jobs. 政府在昨天向媒體宣佈了創造一百萬個新工作的計劃。
A ring at the doorbell announced the late arrival of Jack. 門鈴一響就知道姍姍來遲的傑克駕到。 figurative
We are pleased to announce that all five candidates were successful. 我們高興地宣佈,五位候選人全都當選了。 V that
It was announced that new speed restrictions would be introduced. 據宣佈,將有新的速度限制規定。 VN that

Has our flight been announced yet? 廣播通知了我們的航班沒有? VN
They announced that the flight would be delayed. 廣播通知,該航班將誤點。

‘I've given up smoking,’ she announced. “我戒煙了。”她鄭重其事地說。 V speech
She announced that she'd given up smoking. 她宣稱她已戒煙。 V that

◎        avow
KK: [     ]
An aide avowed that the President had known nothing of the deals. 一位助理聲明,總統對這些交易一無所知
He avowed that he was guilty. 他坦率承認自己有罪
He avowed himself a patriot. 他自稱自己是愛國者。
I must avow that I am innocent
He avowed openly that he was divorced.
He avowed that he would never return

◎        argue
We're always arguing with each other about money. 我們總是為錢吵嘴
They argued for the right to strike. 他們據理力爭罷工權利
He was too tired to argue the point.
He argued that they needed more time to finish the project. 他提出理由說明他們需要更多的時間來完成該項目
These latest developments argue a change in government policy. 最近的事態發展表明政府改變了政策。

◎        brag
He bragged to his friends about the crime. 他向朋友炫耀他的罪行
He made a great brag of his ability
He's been bragging about his new car.
She bragged that she could run faster than I.
David is so full of hot air; all he does is brag about himself.

◎        Comment
The minister refused to comment on the rumors of his resignation
The king refused to comment on the election results
He made several favorable comments about their candidate
She made helpful comments on my work. 她對我的工作提出了有益的意見。
The director was not available for comment. 經理抽不出時間來作出評論。
He handed me the document without comment. 他未作任何解釋就把文件交給了我。
What she said was fair comment(= a reasonable criticism). 她所講的是合乎情理的批評。
I don't feel I can comment on their decision. 我覺得我無法對他們的決定作出評論。 V
He refused to comment until after the trial. 他拒絕在審判前作任何評論。
A spokesperson commented that levels of carbon dioxide were very high. 發言人稱二氧化碳的含量很高。 V that
‘Not his best performance,’ she commented to the woman sitting next to her. “這不是他的最佳表演。”她對坐在她旁邊的女士議論道。



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