2011年12月7日 星期三


. 2011年12月7日 星期三

◎        disparage
I don't mean to disparage your achievements. 我並不想貶低你的成就
Your behavior will disparage the whole family.
She disparaged her student's efforts.

◎        libel
He claimed he had been libeled in an article the magazine had published. 他聲稱他遭到了那家雜誌發表的一篇文章的誹謗。
To libel someone means to write or print something in a book, newspaper, or magazine which wrongly damages that person's reputation and is therefore against the law
He claims he has been libeled in the press. 他聲稱報紙對他造謠中傷。

◎        mock
■He's always mocking my French accent. 他總是嘲笑我的法國口音。 VN
■The other children mocked her, laughing behind their hands. 其他孩子學她的樣子,用手捂着嘴笑。
■You can mock, but at least I'm willing to have a try! 你可以嘲笑我,但我至少願意試一試
The new exam mocked the needs of the majority of children. 新的考試無視大多數孩子們的需要。

◎        rebuke
The company was publicly rebuked for having neglected safety procedures. 公司因忽略了安全措施而受到公開批評
She often rebuked him for carelessness. 她常常指責他粗心大意
He dare not do it for fear of parental rebuke. 他怕父母訓斥, 不敢為之。
His devotion to his work rebukes me. 他的敬業精神是對我的鞭策
The president rebuked the House and Senate for not passing those bills within 100 days
UN member countries delivered a strong rebuke to both countries for persisting with nuclear testing programs..

◎        reproach
She was reproached by colleagues for leaking the story to the press. 她因為將這件事透露給新聞媒體而受到同事們的指責
He listened to his wife's bitter reproaches. 他聽着妻子嚴厲的責備
He reproached himself for not telling her the truth. 他因為沒有告訴她真相而自責。
She is quick to reproach anyone who doesn't live up to her own high standards.
She had not even reproached him for breaking his promise
We begin to reproach ourselves for not having been more careful

◎        revile
辱罵, 謾罵; 痛斥
The tramp reviled the man who drove him off. 那流浪漢謾罵將他趕走的人。
What right had the crowd to revile the England players for something they could not help...?

◎        slam
His habit of slamming friends made him unpopular. 他那苛刻指摘朋友的習慣使得他不得人心。
The government has been slammed for failing to take firm action against drunken driving. 政府因未能採取果斷措施整治酒後駕車而受到猛烈的抨擊

◎        upbraid
Mary's boss upbraided her for being late. 瑪麗的上司因她遲到而責罵她。
If you upbraid someone, you tell them that they have done something wrong and criticize them for doing it.
His wife was upbraiding him for neglecting the children

◎        vilify
They were vilified by the press as ‘international terrorists’. 他們被新聞界污蔑為“國際恐怖主義分子
If you are vilified by someone, they say or write very unpleasant things about you, so that people will have a low opinion of you.
He was vilified, hounded, and forced into exile by the FBI
The agency has been vilified by some doctors for being unnecessarily slow to approve life-saving drugs.

◎        malign
She feels she has been much maligned by the press. 她覺得她遭到了新聞界的恣意誹謗
惡意的; 邪惡的
She gave him a malign look. 她惡狠狠地瞪了他一眼
a malign tumor 惡性腫瘤

◎        slander
He angrily accused the investigators of slandering both him and his family. 他氣憤地指責調查者詆毀他和他的家人
The process of demonization includes generalization, hyperbole, lies and outright slander at times.
He has been questioned on suspicion of slandering the Prime Minister
Dr. Bach is now suing the company for slander

◎        lampoon
His cartoons mercilessly lampooned the leading politicians of his time. 他的漫畫無情地嘲諷了他那個年代的政界要人。
Clearly some audiences do enjoy reading or hearing things that lampoon silly people
Despite his attempts to blame his military failure on his subordinates, Stamford was lampooned in the press for incompetence.
He was lampooned for his short stature and political views
*        常用的讚美語氣詞

◎        acclaim
The work was acclaimed as a masterpiece. 該作品被譽為傑作
Moby won global acclaim last year for his album.
The Choir has enjoyed acclaim from critics across the globe.
His 2003 film earned worldwide acclaim for its gripping true account of two climbers ' perilous journey in the Peruvian Andes.

◎        applaud
When a group of people applaud, they clap their hands in order to show approval, for example when they have enjoyed a play or concert.
■He started to applaud and the others joined in. 他開始鼓掌,其他人也跟着鼓起掌來。 V
■The conference rose to applaud the speaker. 全體與會者起立鼓掌歡迎演講人。 VN
■        She was applauded as she came on stage. 她上台時人們向她鼓掌
■We applaud her decision. 我們稱讚她的決定。
■His efforts to improve the situation are to be applauded. 他為改善狀況所作的努力應該受到讚許。
■        I applaud her for having the courage to refuse. 我讚賞她敢於拒絕。

◎        bless
They brought the children to Jesus and he blessed them. 他們把孩子帶到耶穌跟前,耶穌祝福了他們
The priest blessed the bread and wine. 神父祝聖了麵餅和葡萄酒
We're blessed with five lovely grandchildren. 我們很有福氣,有五個可愛的孫子孫女。

◎        congratulate
■I congratulated them all on their results. 我為他們取得的成就向他們所有人表示祝賀。
■        The authors are to be congratulated on producing such a clear and authoritative work. 向創作出這樣一部具有權威性又清晰易懂的作品的作者們祝賀

◎        compliment
■to pay somebody a compliment(= to praise them for something) 對某人表示讚揚
■‘You understand the problem because you're so much older.’ ‘I'll take that as a compliment!’ “您是能理解這個問題的,因為您是長者。”“過獎了。”
■It's a great compliment to be asked to do the job. 獲聘請做這項工作是一項極大的榮譽。
■        to return the compliment(= to treat somebody in the same way as they have treated you) 照樣回敬

◎        extol
Doctors often extol the virtues of eating less fat. 醫生常常宣揚少吃脂肪的好處。
She was extolled as a genius. 她被譽為天才
We should extol the merits of helping the poor and the homeless.
Now people here still extol the brave deeds he did.

◎        laud
He was lauded for his courage. 他因勇敢而受到讚揚
They became media celebrities, lauded by the press and invited to chic star parties
They lauded the former president as a hero.
Dickens was lauded for his social and moral sensitivity.

◎        praise
■She praised his cooking. 她稱讚他的烹調技術。
■He praised his team for their performance. 他稱讚了隊員們的表現。
■Critics praised the work as highly original. 評論家稱讚這部作品獨樹一幟
■His teachers are full of praise for the progress he's making. 老師們對他的進步讚不絕口。
■She wrote poems in praise of freedom. 她寫詩謳歌自由。
■His latest movie has won high praise from the critics. 他的最新電影得到了評論家的高度讚揚。
■We have nothing but praise for the way they handled the investigation. 對於他們處理調查的方式我們唯有讚賞。
■The team coach singled out two players for special praise. 教練提出兩名隊員給予特別表揚。
■She left with their praises ringing in her ears. 她離開了,耳邊迴盪着大家的讚美聲。
■        They always sing his praises(= praise him very highly). 他們總是對他大加讚揚。

◎        eulogize
He was eulogized as a hero. 他被讚譽為英雄
Leaders from around the world eulogized the Egyptian president.



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