2012年6月16日 星期六

電話英語280 句--5

. 2012年6月16日 星期六

He's stepped out of the office for a little while.他離開辦公室剛一會兒。
When is a good time to catch him?什麼時候可以找到他?
In about 30 minutes.大約半小時後。
I'm sorry, he hasn't come in yet.對不起,他還沒進來。
I'm sorry, he's off today.對不起,他今天沒上班
I'm trying to catch Mary, please.我想與Mary 聯絡。
Mary is not available at the moment.Mary 現在沒空接電話
What time should I call back?我應該何時再打來?
About 9:30.大約九點半。
May I speak to Miss Wang?我可以和王小姐講話嗎?
She is in a meeting until night.她開會要開到晚上。
OK. I will try her back then.好的,我到時再試試看。
Okey. Thank you.好的,謝謝。

May I please speak to Mr. Kong?我可以孔先生講話嗎?
He is with someone right now. Would you hold?他現在在會客。你可以稍
She is busy now.她正忙著呢。
John cannot get to the phone right now.John 現在沒辦法接電話。
He is on another line right now.他正在接另一個電話。
John is tied up at the present time.John 現在有事。
She is not able to take your call at the moment.她現在沒辦法接你的電
Hello, May I speak to Miss Li, please?喂。我可以請李小姐接電話嗎?
This is she.我就是。
Oh, Miss Li. This is Tom. I didn't recognize your voice.噢,李小姐。我
Who is that?你是誰?
It's John. Didn't you recognize my voice?我是約翰。你沒聽出我的聲音?
No, you sound different today.沒有,今天你的聲音聽起來不一樣。
It's because I have a bad cold.那是因為我患了重感冒。
This is he speaking.我就是。
Bob speaking.我就是鮑勃。
Clark's Theater.Clark's 劇院。
I hear that you have a Italy Symphony Orchestra concert on the 15t
h evening.聽說15 號晚上義大利交響樂團要在貴院演奏。
And I wonder if there are some balcony seats still available.不知道還
I'm sorry, all the balcony seats are gone.抱歉,包廂的票都賣完了。
All right. Please hold two orchestra seats for us.好,請幫我們保留兩張
Can I have your name, please?請問您貴姓大名?
My last name is Chen. C-H-E-N.我姓陳,C-H-E-N。
Hello, Air China Flight Reservations. May I help you?`喂,你好,中國航
Yes. Have you got any seats left on the 10th at 7:30 a.m. to HongK
ong?是的。你們還有10 號早上7 點半去香港的機票嗎?
Yes, we have. For how many?有,要幾張?
Please keep two for us to pick up.請給我保留兩張。
Would you prefer a window, aside or enter seat?您喜歡靠窗、靠走道還
Window, please.靠窗的吧。
Please have two window seats placed aside for us.請為我們保留兩個靠
There aren't window seats left, but a few enter seats are open.那些
All window seats are sold out.所有靠視窗的位子都賣光了。
Hello, my name is Tom with Steve Rogers.喂,你好,我是Steve Roger
s 公司的湯姆。
I'd like to make an appointment with Miss Xu.我想跟徐小姐約個會面的
Yes, Mr. Tom. Let me check Miss Xu's schedule.好,湯姆先生。讓我查查
Oh, she has an opening tomorrow at ten.哦,她明天上午10 點有空。
I'm afraid I'll be tied up tomorrow at ten.恐怕明天上午10 點我很忙。
Could we make it tomorrow at nine?明天9 點怎麼樣?
Yes. That would be much better.行,那樣也好。
Fine. Good-bye.好的,再見。
Hello, this is Wang Ming. May I speak to Gao Ling, please?喂,我是王
Oh, Wang Ming, this is she.哦,王明,我就是高玲。
I need to make an appointment with you tonight.我想今晚約你。
OK. What time is it?好啊。什麼時候?
Seven o'clock, I'll pick you up at your office.晚7 點,我去辦公室接你。
I'd like to make an appointment to discuss a question.我想約個時間討
I'd like to meet Miss Kong sometime.我想找個時間跟孔小姐見面。
Dr. Lee's office.李醫生診所。
Hello, I have a bad headache.喂,我的頭痛得很厲害。
I'd like to see the doctor at the earliest possible time.我想儘快看醫生。
May I make an appointment now?現在可以預約門診嗎?
Yes, but Dr. Lee's schedule is full for today. How about 9:00 tonight?
生今天的時間排滿了。今晚9 點好嗎?
That's fine. I think I can wait till then.好的,我想我可以等到那時候。
May I have your name and number, please?請問你的姓名和電話號碼?
The name is Wang, and the number is 363-1127.我姓王,電話是363-
Thank you, Mr. Wang. See you later.謝謝您,王先生。再見!
Dr. Tyler's office. Good morning.早上好,泰勒醫務所。
Good moring. This is Huang Feng.早上好,我叫黃鳳。
Are you sick?你病了嗎?
Yes, I have a terrible cold.是的,我得了重感冒。
Have you been here to see Dr. Tyler before?你曾來過泰勒醫務所看過醫
No. This is my first visit.沒有。這是第一次。
Just a moment, I'll ask him.稍等,我問一下他。
Yes, he makes house calls, but the doctor has an opening only afte
r 2:00 p.m.好,他願出診,但他在下午2 點後才有空。
That'll be fine.好吧!
I'll try to squeeze you at 2:30 p.m.你來如何?我會在下午2點半擠出時間
Thank you. The address is No.44 Changning Road.謝謝你,地址是長寧
路19 號。
And my phone number is 797-7963.我的電話是797-7963。
Would two o'clock be acceptable?兩點鐘合適嗎?
Does two o'clock sound alright?兩點鐘好嗎?
I'd like to set up a doctor's appointment as soon as possible.我想儘快
Can I set it up now?現在可以預約嗎?



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