2012年7月19日 星期四


. 2012年7月19日 星期四

31. This view is now being questioned by more and more people.

32. Although many people claim that, along with the rapidly economic development, the number of people who use bicycle are decreasing and bicycle is bound to die out. The information I've collected over the recent years leads me to believe that bicycle will continue to play extremely important roles in modern society.
儘管許多人認為隨著經濟的高速發展,用自行車的人數會減少,自行車可能會消亡, 然而,這幾年我收集的一些資訊讓我相信自行車仍然會繼續在現代社會發揮極其重要的作用。

33. Environmental experts point out that increasing pollution not only causes serious problems such as global warming but also could threaten to end human life on our planet.

34. In view of such serious situation, environmental tools of transportation like bicycle are more important than any time before.

  35. Using bicycle contributes greatly to people's physical fitness as well as easing traffic jams.

  36. Despite many obvious advantages of bicycle, it is not without its problem.

  37. Bicycle can't be compared with other means of transportation like car and train for speed and comfort.

   38. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that advantages of bicycle far outweigh its disadvantages and it will still play essential roles in modern society.

   39. There is a general discussion these days over education in many colleges and institutes. One of the questions under debate is whether education is a lifetime study.

  40. This issue has caused wide public concern.

  41. It must be noted that learning must be done by a person himself.

   42. A large number of people tend to live under the illusion that they had completed their education when they finished their schooling. Obviously, they seem to fail to take into account the basic fact that a person's education is a most important aspect of his life.

  43. As for me, I'm in favor of the opinion that education is not complete with graduation, for the following reasons:

  44. It is commonly accepted that no college or university can educate its students by the time they graduate.
   人們普遍認為高校是不可能在畢業的時候教會他們的學生所有知識的。   45. Even the best possible graduate needs to continue learning before she or he becomes an educated person.

   46. It is commonly thought that our society had dramatically changed by modern science and technology, and human had made extraordinary progress in knowledge and technology over the recent decades.

   47. Now people in growing numbers are beginning to believe that learning new skills and knowledge contributes directly to enhancing their job opportunities or promotion opportunities.

  48. An investigation shows that many older people express a strong desire to continue studying in university or college.

   49. For the majority of people, reading or learning a new skill has become the focus of their lives and the source of their happiness and contentment after their retirement.

  50. For people who want to adopt a healthy and meaningful life style, it is important to find time to learn certain new knowledge. Just as an old saying goes: it is never too late to learn.  對於那些想過上健康而有意義的生活的人們來說,找時間學習一些新知識是很重要的,正如那句老話:活到老,學到老。
51. There is a general debate on the campus today over the phenomenon of college or high school students' doing a part-time job.  對於大學或高中生打工這一現象,校園裏進行著廣泛的爭論。

   52. By taking a major-related part-job, students can not only improve their academic studies, but gain much experience, experience they will never be able to get from the textbooks.  通過做一份和專業相關的工作,學生不僅能夠提高他們的專業能力,而且能獲得從課本上得不到的經驗。
 53. Although people’s lives have been dramatically changed over the last decades, it must be admitted that, shortage of funds is still the one of the biggest questions that students nowadays have to face because that tuition fees and prices of books are soaring by the day.  近幾十年,儘管人們的生活有了驚人的改變,但必須承認,由於學費和書費日益飛漲,資金短缺仍然是學生們面臨的最大問題之一。

 54. Consequently, the extra money obtained from part-time job will strongly support students to continue to their study life.  因此,業餘工作掙來的錢將強有力地支援學生們繼續他們的求學生活。

 55. From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw a conclusion that part-time job can produce a far-reaching impact on students and they should be encouraged to take part-time job, which will benefit students and their family, even the society as a whole.  通過上面的討論,我們不難得出結論:業餘工作對學生們會產生深遠的影響,我們應鼓勵學生從事業餘工作,這將有利於學生和他們的家庭,甚至整個社會。

 56. These days, people in growing numbers are beginning to complain that work is more stressful and less leisurely than in past. Many experts point out that, along with the development of modern society, it is an inevitable result and there is no way to avoid it.  現在,越來越多的人們開始抱怨工作比以前更有壓力。許多專家指出這是現代社會發展必然的結果,無法避免。

 57. It is widely acknowledged that computer and other machines have become an indispensable part of our society, which make our life and work more comfortable and less laborious.  人們普遍認為電腦和其他機器已經成為我們社會必不可少的一部分。 它們使我們的生活更舒適,減少了大量勞動。

 58. At the same time, along with the benefits of such machines, employees must study knowledge involved in such machines so that they are able to control them.  同時,隨著這些機器帶給我們的好處,員工們也必須要學習與之相關的知識以便使用它們。

 59. No one can deny the basic fact that it is impossible for average workers to master those high-technology skills easily.  沒有人能否認這一基本事實:對於一般工人來講,輕鬆掌握這些技術是不可能的。

 60. In the second place, there seem to be too many people without job and not enough job position.  第二方面,失業的人似乎太多而又沒有足夠的工作崗位。



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