2012年8月9日 星期四


. 2012年8月9日 星期四

51. 某些分隔結構

1) 動詞短語相關部分被分隔(當"make use of ","take notice of","pay attention to",


Use is made of solar energy in heating houses.


But there is of culture another view, in which not solely the scientific passion, the sheer desire to see things as they are, natural and proper in an intelligent being, appears as the ground of it.

52. "to be doing…when…"是一個句型,多譯為"某人正在做……時,突然……"。在簡單的句子中容易看出,一旦句子變得複雜一些,可能就不太容易識別這種句型。

She said she and a friend had gone out to dinner that night, and were walking home together at about 10 o'clock, when a "very big, very tall man", accosted them and demanded their purses.

53. "too…to"句型

Then I remembered how often I, too, had been indifferent to the grandeur of each day, too preoccupied with petty and sometimes even mean concerns to respond to the splendor of it all.

54. "so much that…"句型

But he developed gradually a very musical English. He learnt to write sentences that fall away on the ear with a misty languor and it delighted him so much that he could never have enough of it.

55. "when"引導狀語從句有時並不好譯,不能一看到when從句就考慮譯為"當……的時候",它還有許多種譯法。

Anything is better than not to write clearly. There is nothing to be said against lucidity, and against simplicity only the possibility of dryness. This is a risk that is well worth taking when you reflect how much better it is to be bold than to wear a curly wig.

56. "not…because…",有時可否定前面,有時可否定because本身,往往出現歧義。應根據上下文面判定。

In 1600 the earth was not the center of the universe because the majority then supposed it was; nor, because she had more readers, was Ella wheeler Wilcox a better poet than Father Hopkins.

57. "so…that, such…that"是一個普通的句型,但在同一個句子裏有兩處使用它卻比較少見。

The truth is, that in one point of view, this matter of national literature has come to such a pass with us, that in some sense we must turn bullies, else the day is lost, or superiority so far beyond us, that we can hardly say it will ever be ours.

58. "by doing…"結構。這個結構的意思是"通過(做)……",但翻譯實踐中不能拘泥于這種釋義,不少情況下需要靈活變通。

The hippos, by depositing dung in the water, fed the fish that support the storks that destroy the rare trees.

59. 下面例句為一倒裝句,主語很長,而且又含有非常複雜的句型。這是以形容詞作表語的倒裝,翻譯實踐中多把倒裝部分譯到最前面。

No less obvious is the fact there are great numbers of people so constituted or so brought up that they cannot get so much pleasure out of processes and experiences resulting in a poorer life less full of meaning.

60. "what…of"句型

I can not say of myself what Johnson said of Pope: He never passed a fault unamended by indifference, nor quitted it by despair. I do not write as I do; I write as I can.

61. 英語的一個習慣用法是:當否定謂語think(believe)時,實際上是否定其後面的賓語從句。否定就落在賓語從句上。這樣賓語從句就變成了雙重否定,譯時可以按雙重否定譯,也可按肯定來譯。

It is a valuable work. I do not think anyone writes so well that he cannot learn much from it.

62. "to have not…(as) to see…"中的不定式也有否定意味。

He had not the good breeding to see that simplicity and naturalness are the truest marks of distinction.

63. "It occurred to sb. that…"意為"突然想到","It dawned on sb.that…"."突然想起"等。 從句是想起的內容。

I remember once being on a bus and looking at a stranger. He suddenly looked back at me-i.e.our eyes met. My instinctive reaction was to avert my gaze. It occurred to me that if I had continued to maintain eye contact, I would have been rude and aggressive.

64. "It follows that…"="It happens as a result…"常常被譯為"由此可見","因此","從前","可以推斷"等等。

It follows that the housewife will also expect to be able to have more leisure in her life without lowering her standard of living. It also follows that human domestic servants will have completely ceased to exist.

65. "that's all there is to it ",意思是"也不過如此而已"。可根據上下文視情況處理。

If I'm touched, I'm touched-that's all there is to it.

66. "The chances are that…"是一句型,譯為"有可能……"。

The chances are you will never attempt that speed with poetry or want to race though some passages in fiction over which you wish to linger.

67. Feel, see, leave引起賓語的賓語補足語,或在被動語態中引起主語補足語的某些慣用句型,有時see和feel這兩個詞的被動式不大好譯。遇到這種情況應挖掘其深層含義,不要拘泥于表面形式。

The education of the young is seen to be of primary importance.

68. 某此以no, nowhere, never, not…bout, not…any, nothing but, hardly, scarcely, seldom等否定詞語引出的一些結構。

I never go past the theatre but I think of his last performance.

69. 某些用choice between, to know better, whether or, should have avoided(或done better)等表示從兩種做法中選取一種更好的做法

Then we are faced with a choice between using technology to provide and fulfil needs which have hitherto been regarded as unnecessary or, on the other hand, using technology to reduce the number of hours of work which a man must do in order to earn a given standard of libing.

70. 某些省略情況,應清單確認省略的內容。

The country had grown rich, its commerce was large, and wealth did its natural work in making life softer and more worldly, commerce in deprovincializing the minds of those engaged in it.

71. 修飾成分(包括定語、定語從句、同位語從句等)多而長。

Across the court from the Manhattan apartment that I have occupied for the past few years is a dog that often hurls insults into the darkness, a few of which my dog refuses to accept and makes a tart reply.

72. 一些外位語,所謂外位修飾,指從句子結構和內容上不起主要資訊表達功能的部分。其作用是從語氣和連接上下文等方面進行補充。在翻譯成漢語時,往往可獨立成句,外形上不保留修飾的痕跡。

Of course, nobody was hurt this time, because we had all been to dinner, none of us being novices excepting Hastings; and he having been informed by the minister at the time that he invited him that in deference to the English custom the had not provided any dinner.



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