2016年10月7日 星期五


. 2016年10月7日 星期五

  1.Excuse me. Are you Susan Davis from Western Electronics?


  2.Yes, I am. And you must be Mr. Takeshita.是的,我就是,你一定是竹下先生吧。

  3.Pardon me. Are you Ralph Meyers from National Fixtures?


  4.I"m Dennis. I am here to meet you today.我是丹尼斯,今天我到這裡來接你。

  5.I"m Donald. We met the last time you visited Taiwan.我是唐納德,上次你來台灣時我們見過面。


  6.I"m Edwin. I"ll show you to your hotel.我是愛德溫,我帶你去旅館。

  7.How was your flight? Was it comfortable?


  8.It was quite good. But it was awfully long.班機很好,就是時間太長了。

  9.Did you have a good flight?


  10.Not really, I"m afraid. We were delayed taking off,and we encountered a lot of bad weather.不太好,我們起飛延誤了,還遭遇了惡劣的氣候。

  11.How was your flight?


  12.Did you get any sleep on the plane?


  13.Mr. Wagner, do you have a hotel reservation?


  14.No, I don"t. Will it be a problem?


  15.I don"t think so. I know several convenient hotels. Let me make some calls.我認為沒有,我知道有幾家便利旅館,讓我打幾個電話。

  16.I"ve made a reservation at the hotel you used last time.我已預訂了你上次住過的旅館。

  17.We"ve booked a Western-style room for you.我們已為你訂了一間西式的房間。

  18.Let"s go to the station to get a train into town.我們到火車站去乘車進城。

  19.Does it take long to get into Taibei from here?


  20.It"s about an hour.大概要一個小時。

  21.We"ll get a taxi from the station.我們到火車站乘出租車。

  22.There"s a shuttle bus we can use.我們可搭乘機場班車。

  23.I"ve brought my car, so I can drive you to your hotel.我開車來的,所以我開車送你到旅館。

  24.You must be hungry. Shall we get something to eat?


  25.That sounds good. Let"s get something at the hotel restaurant. I feel a little tired.那太棒了,我們就到旅館餐廳吃點東西,我有點累了。

  26.Would you like to have some dinner?


  27.What would you like to eat?


  28.Can I take you out to dinner? It"ll be my treat.我帶你出去吃飯好嗎?這次我請客。

  29.If you"re hungry, we can eat dinner now.如果你餓了,我們現在就去吃飯。

  30.Have you had breakfast yet?


  31.Yes. It was delicious.是的,味道很好。

  32Good. Let"s go to the office.好的,我們去辦公室吧。

  33.How is your room?


  34.Did you sleep well last night?


  35.Why don"t we go to the office now?


  36.We"ll start with an orientation video. It runs about 15 minutes.我們將從一個電視簡報開始,大概放15分鐘。

  37.The tour will take about an hour and a half. We ought to be back here by 3:00.參觀大概要一個半小時​​,3點鐘以前回到這裡。

  38.Our new product line has been very successful. We"ve expanded the factory twice this year already.我們新的生產線非常成功,我們今年已把工廠擴展了兩倍。

  39.I"d like to introduce you to our company. Is there anything in particular you"d like to know?


  40.We have some reports to show you for background information.我們還有一些報告向你介紹背景資料。

  41.Is your factory any different from other plastics factories?


  42.Yes, our production speed is almost twice the industry-wide average.是的,我們的生產速度是其他工廠兩倍。

  43.I"d like to explain what makes this factory special.我要向你說明本工廠的特性。

  44.This is the most fully-automated factory we have.這是我們的全自動化工廠。

  45.It"s the most up-to-date in the industry.這是同業中最新型的。

  46.We"ve increased our efficiency by 20% through automation.通過自動化我們的效率增加了20%.

  47.Could you tell me the cost of production per unit?


  48.I"m afraid I don"t know. Let me ask the supervisor in this section.恐怕我不知道,讓我來詢問一下該組的負責人。

  49.I"m not really sure about that. Mr. Jiang should know the answer to that.關於那事我不敢確定,蔣先生應該知道答案。

  50.Let me direct that question to the manager.讓我直接問經理好了。

  51.I"m not familiar with that part. Let me call someone who is more knowledgeable.那部分我不熟悉,讓我找專業人士來說明。

  52.Yes, I"d like to know your daily production.是的,我想知道你們的日生產額。

  53.Is there anything you"d like to know?


  54.Is there anything I can explain fully?


  55.What did you think of our factories?


  56.I was impressed very much.我有深刻的印象。

  57.thank you very much for giving us your valuable time.我們佔用了你寶貴的時間,非常感謝。

  58.We have a small gift for you to take with you when you leave the factory.你離開工廠時,我們有件小禮物要送給你。



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